More than 20 years of warehouse management experience

We focus on VMI/CKD warehouse management +Packaging services

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Warehouse Slutions



We not only provide the general warehosue management,
but also provide so more value added services which beyond you can image.


Our management team has the managed VMI HUB, DC HUB or CKD HUB experience for ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ECS. We understand the business operation of the electronics industry demand for warehousing and logistic trends. We understand the domestic supply chain environment, related state policy and legislation and combine with oversea professional management knowledge and experience. We can meet the requirements of our customers in supply chain and we can carry out the suitable logistic solutions for enterprise development.


“Customs passed, logistics is unobstructed.” –The custom issues are the important issues for the bonded logistics service. We keep our sensitivity to the custom policy to ensure that all new custom policies are on time for customers to use. To match the requirement of the customer, we have followed the trend of science and technology, and timely applications of new technologies to develop new system platforms, integrated data interchange and the bar code system.

Company vision

apid growth of Chinais based on supply chain integration needs, GLink expects to be the best logistics service partner of the process and export enterprises.

Market positioning

We focus on VMI/CKD warehouse management +Packaging services.

Service concept

Precise, precision, excellence

“Without U, without S ccess !”

Warehouse Management (Years)


Warehouse area (sqm)


Value added Service

IQC service

We have the IQC team, we have the so many test experience and capacity in the parts for the mortherboard.


One by one Pickup

We can provide the most precise operation of the sort and pickup goods by the counter,even such as the IC...


Vacuum Repacking

For propect the sensitive and valuable goods,we will use the Vacuum to repack the goods that base the original packaging Spec...


Print and relabel

We can follow your instruction to design the barcode or label,print the label, barcode etc. and relabel follow your instruction...



If your customer needs,we can book all size new box , and follow your SOP to repack all the cargo in new box for you...



Provide repallet service,make sure to load the most cargo in a contationer,we can load MAX 20k in a contationer...



900SQM in FTZ for Valuable and sensitive goods,if needs we can expand the space base on requirement.


Simple assembly

We have a assembly line in warehouse,we can provide the Simple assembly service to meet your requirement.


BIOS burn

With the proper testing equipment for BIOS,we can provide the BIOS burn service for you.


IT system

Professional warehouse management system

Our self-developed logistics management system platform, “ZJET,” supports all of our business.


We can customize different management systems for customers based on customer needs

Data exchange

It can realize real-time data exchange with customers, which is convenient for customers to control logistics and cargo information in real time. It has realized the docking with SAP and TIPTOP systems.

Exchange method

Through Webservice + XML exchange;
Through FTP + CSV exchange;
Through API + JSON exchange

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Team building.

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