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CKD=Completely Knocked Down

CKD business model first appeared in the automotive industry. In many developing countries to ensure that their people have more jobs, impose heavy taxes for vehicle imports, but to import parts into the country to hold, the tax rate was very low, so auto makers are usually located nearby on the ground to play factory. If in local market in the based on spare parts material supply chain not perfect of situation Xia, car manufacturers had to in its spare parts supply perfect of regional established warehouse, unified procurement, detection finished all accessories material Hou again for sets unified preparation, again shipped to assembled country for assembled production, at in supply name chain perfect of regional established of warehouse by provides of service is CKD sets preparation service.

GLINK CKD service advantages

1. free trade zone mode solves the problem import taxes on electronic materials and parts, completely tax-free, and can save a lot of money for the enterprise.
2. GLINK logistics provided IQC professional inspection services, limits to ensure that the quality of purchased items, to ensure that defective products exported to South America or India was before found that reduced subsequent re-delivery replenishment of high freight charges.
3. GLINK logistics has a professional operations team, and has devolped its own powerful management system to meet the business operations.
4. GLINK logistics has 5 years CKD operations experience, Brazil's CCE,POSITIVO,PHICO,BRITINA and other customers have provided CKD services, we know every customer requirements on product packaging, And the Brazil customs documentation requirements are also very clear, and ensures that each shipment will appear in Brazil have a clearance problem.
5. CKD business outsourcing to collection Wei, can reduced customer of personnel and the management cost, if CKD business accounted for customer business most share, on needs a only specifically team to operation, once eventually customer orders reduced, related team cost on will be high, instead, GLINK logistics has specifically of team, and has over CKD customer of orders operation, Customers can consolidate a number of orders to reduce operating and manpower costs.

Why the electronics industry CKD kitting warehouses will be selected in Shenzhen?

At present, the auto industry's CKD model has shifted to the electronics industry, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and so on.
In South America, India and other developing countries are more popular in this mode of processing, because the local government to implement the domestic protection policy, will impose a heavy tax on finished products, so the need to use their own manpower to assemble, to solve local employment, and can learn processing technology. Whether it's South America or India, its electronics industry chain is incomplete, if the local procurement of a variety of raw materials, the delivery time is long, quality can not be guaranteed, finished design talent, processing and production of technical personnel and production equipment are not perfect, resulting in the rapid production of the market needs of the finished product.
Therefore, electronic equipment manufacturers to meet local government regulations, and the local industrial chain is incomplete, the package must be transported to the local production.
In Shenzhen, China, because of years of open policy to establish a complete electronics industry chain, whether it is desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones have a complete industrial chain. and Shenzhen is nearly Hong Kong, shenzhen hans a strong logistics and transportation network and bonded areas, including from the design, mold development, production assembly, testing, and production equipment fixtures.
Customers can purchase a complete set of materials, production equipment and can recruit a variety of professional personnel to assist in the production. Hopewell Logistics is to adapt to the CKD business model, based on customer demand in Shenzhen Futian bonded area to set up a CKD warehouse, the use of bonded tax exemption mode, the foreign procurement of materials to avoid tax import to the Bonded area (do not generate any taxes), and according to customer needs for IQC detection, The materials produced in China will be exported to the bonded area for the integration and preparation according to the work order.

Why Choose us ?

Designing and operating a customized warehouse that provides the best service is at the heart of all our solutions.

By outsourcing your warehouse management to us, you can make your people more productive, your organization more efficient, and your business more competitive. Our focus on operational excellence means you get consistent quality across your fulfillment operations.

We develop key performance measures for each site and review those on a monthly basis to ensure you not only get the service you expect, but the service you deserve. Our solutions allow you to decrease inventory, increase loading-rates, and respond quickly to changes in customer demand.

Based on our many years of experience, which we provide comprehensive storage management services for the international computer motherboard company, and our customizable IT management system, we can provide the customized VMI, CKD, SKD and DC solutions for you!

Warehosue Special Service


Industry-level warehouse management

Based on the ISO 9001 and the industry-level storage management models, we made the SOP for all of the steps in warehouse management. Including: receiving cargo, IQC, simple processing, packaging, transporting, storage, sorting, loading, unloading, and shipping.


IQC Service

1.We have the IQC team, which tests and experiences the capacity in the parts for the motherboard and other board materials. save the labor costs for customers.
2.We offer a variety of electronic test equipment for testing materials and parts;all of the control methods of IQC will follow the electronics industry standards.


Simple processing

We can provide comprehensive services such as simple processing, assembly, repackaging and so on according to customer needs


BIOS burn service

with the proper testing equipment and machines for BIOS, experienced operators, and we can provide the BIOS burn service for you.


Material shortage computing service

Based on the BOM and our powerful program design capacity, we can finish the work order shortage in ten minutes and reduce the labor costs for our customers.


Product material control / tracking material Service

According to customer PO and delivery schedule, we can push the suppliers to recover the goods in time, share some features of your company PMC Work order.