Transportation service

Our team was the pioneer to participate in the design and operation of land operation between east and south China

Transportation Service


1.ASEAN Cross-Border Land Transport Service

2.Domestic non-bonded transport service.

3.China-Hongkong transport service.

China-ASEAN Cross-Border Land Transport Service

So many Korean, Japanese, Taiwan manufacturing enterprises gathered in North Vietnam (Hanoi and surrounding provinces), they made a closly supply relationship with the vendor from the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, ChengDu and Chongqing and other regions.

We integrated transportation resources,can provide direct transportant service from China-Vietnam north provinces,and China to Tailand. with the container cross-border transport logistics model, to provide customers with a near-air transport ation experience.

Project operating features:

1.One container in the end, the whole process does not change container.

2.Full GPS monitoring.


4.For precision equipment and products to provide shock-absorbing transportation.

Door-to-door service:

1.Pearl River Delta --- North Vietnam Province: the next day to the invention of today!

2.East China / Southwest China --- North Vietnam Province: the next day after this day!

What we can do?


1.Network design and optimization.

2.Carrier sourcing management.

3.Transportation planning and optimization.

4.Order consolidation services.

5.Freight bill audit and payment.

6.Claims administration.

7.Shipment tracking.

8.Transportation management system .