About us

We not only provide the general warehosue management,
but also provide so more value added services which beyond you can image.


Our team comes from the domestic warehousing & logistics company. Based on our 10 years of experience in warehouse and bonded-logistic service, we can provide your needs to give integrated logistics solutions. We insist on the management company line, integrate other third party logistics provider sources, and based on the customer’s location, setup our own handy site, provide the highest quality, professional logistics & solution for our customers. From 2013, we began to provide the smartphone CKD service for Brazil customer.


Our management team has the managed VMI HUB, DC HUB or CKD HUB experience for ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ECS. We understand the business operation of the electronics industry demand for warehousing and logistic trends. We understand the domestic supply chain environment, related state policy and legislation and combine with oversea professional management knowledge and experience. We can meet the requirements of our customers in supply chain and we can carry out the suitable logistic solutions for enterprise development.


“Customs passed, logistics is unobstructed.” –The custom issues are the important issues for the bonded logistics service. We keep our sensitivity to the custom policy to ensure that all new custom policies are on time for customers to use. To match the requirement of the customer, we have followed the trend of science and technology, and timely applications of new technologies to develop new system platforms, integrated data interchange and the bar code system.

Company vision

Rapid growth of Chinais based on supply chain integration needs, GLink expects to be the best logistics service partner of the process and export enterprises.

Market positioning

Our products focus on the refinement of the bonded warehouse management, continuous integration management take the line of integration with other suppliers of resources, to become a bonded logistics companies to provide additional trade Fourth party logistics provider of integrated solutions.

Service concept

Precise, precision, excellence

Without U, without S ccess !

Why choose us?

Strong ability to integrate external resources

Because of years of practice, we understand the domestic processing trade enterprises bonded logistic trends and mastery of large logistic resources – sea and air transportation in Hong Kong and East China. South China Resources and a number of professional custom bonded logistic centers, bonded warehouses, general cargo storage resources to provide integrated logistics solutions.

Professional management and operational team

Professional management team + professional warehouse management and operation of standardization of customs operations capabilities.

Customized logistics solutions design

Continued innovation and implementation of logistic solutions design capability to ensure timeliness and enhance capacity utilization, continue to reduce logistics costs, sustained attention, and new logistics technology reserves (RFID), and on-demand related to new technologies to improve investment efficiency and precision degrees.