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About us
We focus on the electronics industry VMI, CKD, SKD warehouse services,including PC,notebook,tablet, mobile phone and the related transportation service. We are the largest provider in CKD warehouse service for motherboard from South China to South America!
What is CKD?
CKD=Completely Knocked Down,CKD business model first appeared in the automotive industry. In many developing countries to ensure that their people have more jobs...
Our team comes from large domestic warehousing & logistics company,based on our 10 years of experience in warehouse and bonded-logistics, we can provide for your needs to provide integrated logistics solutions ....
Based on the different needs of customers, combined with the source and the flow of goods, we can customized a variety of logistics solutions: CKD sets stock preparation, SKD sets of semi-finished materials ready, VMI Vendor Managed Inventory...
For match the requirement of customer,we also followed the trend of science and technology, and timely application of new technologies to develop new systems platform, integrated data interchange, bar code system ...
Our management team has the managed VMI HUB, DC HUB or CKD HUB experience for ASUS, Gigabite, MSI, ECS, Shuttle,we understand the business operation of the electronics industry, demand for warehousing and logistics trends...